I’m Excis3, a bug bounty hunter and security researcher with a passion for technology and a deep curiosity about how things work. I specialize in web security, focusing on finding and reporting vulnerabilities to enhance digital security.

I enjoy programming in Python and have developed an extensive reconnaissance framework that I strive to improve daily. Over the past three years, I’ve accomplished several major goals on my bucket list, including discovering a CVE, attending Defcon, and working for a notable company.

My Interests

  • Security Research: Dedicated to finding and reporting vulnerabilities to enhance cybersecurity across various bug bounty platforms.
  • Programming: Proficient in Python and enjoy creating innovative tools and frameworks.
  • Gaming: Active in competitive virtual reality gaming and occasionally indulge in shooter games.
  • Sports: Passionate about tennis, golf, and extreme sports such as surfing, diving, and mountain biking.

My goal is to continuously learn, explore new horizons, and share my knowledge with the community.

Stay safe and secure,